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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Program Application LCC Exercise and Movement Science

The Assignment: A typed essay (minimum of 3 pages, double spaced) which includes information from the following areas:
Why do you want to be in the Exercise and Science movement program?
What are your goals while in the program and what are your career goals?
What are three qualities that you think make someone an effective leader? Please describe each one and why you think it’s important.
What specific attribute, quality, or skill distinguishes you from everyone else? How did you develop this trait?
Describe your participation in activities that have helped you develop academic, professional, intellectual and leadership abilities.

So, this is going to be one of the MOST difficult essays I’ve ever written. And I’ve taken the WR 121-123 series a couple of times. I’m doing some brainstorming and would like some general feed-back and input. This is for my program application to the Exercise and Science Movement Program at LCC. I may not get my application together in time, but this is the beginning of a very difficult process. So here is my very first page of brainstorming on the very first item on the list. 

Why I want to be in the Exercise and Science Movement Program
My brainstorming on this became a bit more about my career goals. 

To run a ‘consulting’ type business that promotes “Corporate Wellness”--that is the concept that an employee who exercises regularly, eats a balanced diet  and has good stress management tools is beneficial to the company in the following ways: 


Providing employees with  the opportunity to exercise regularly, the education to eat a balanced diet, and good stress management benefits both the company and the employer in the following ways: 

1) Employees who exercise regularly have a lower risk of on-the-job injuries  such as sprains, strains and over-worked muscles.
2) People who combine a balanced diet with regular exercise are more productive, more creative and learn better. 
3) Healthy communication and good stress management skills create open and positive work environments. 
4) Health diet and regular exercise boosts people’s immune systems and that means fewer illnesses, fewer doctors visits and fewer sick-days. 

When these factors are not only present in the work place, but also are encouraged and facilitated by employers, everyone wins.  Health care costs are reduced, employees pay lower premiums, companies are more productive and employees not only feel appreciated but also are empowered--given the tools to lead healthier and thereby happier lives.


  1. I like the second one where you have the numbered list of the benefits to employer and employee.

    This is actually very close to the work I am just starting to do, so when you are ready for some contacts or if your interested in attending some of the workshops I do, let me know! I would love to have you along!

  2. The other thing that would be helpful to mention when pitching this is that with the new insurance stuff going through congress, insurance companies will soon be covering preventative medicine and health/wellness programs like this. If you want more details on this, let me know, I will dig up what I have and forward it to you!

  3. The list will remain, I'm waffling on the introduction.