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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

I LOVE writing, ok? I have so many thoughts, ideas and musings rattling around my head I know that writing is the best way to keep from going insane. This semi-new trend of blogging is intriguing to me. These past few days of being sick have given me quiet time, at home and alone, to wander around the internet reading some really really amazing blogs. Mostly by other mothers.  I develop tiny 'girl-crushes' on these women, admiration for their wit and perspective. They are articulate, clever, and their writing draws me in. When I receive a response to a comment I've left, my heart pitter-pats like I was back in High School and the homecoming King just winked at me.  Of course I'm not alone. Most of the blogs I'm reading have thousands of followers. 
So how do I jump in? I'm  going to  take a page from  my current favorite, Pretty All True and try my damnedest to blog every day. Kris, who writes Pretty All True is everything I wanted to be in a blogger when I started out last March. Irreverent, sexy, soul-baring and clever.  Plus she's a fellow Oregonian so I'm pretty sure we are soul sisters on some level.  
But I still don't know how to start.  How do I turn these musings and quips into something that will add anything to my readers day?  How do I get people to read what I am sharing without giving away crap every week?  I guess I just muscle through and try to write every day, right? Any advice from anyone out there that also blogs, is more than welcome. I really don't know how to do any of this; I was amazed that I managed to add links to this and I'm hoping they work. 


  1. You just commit to doing it.

    If you sit down every day and commit to sharing a little bit of yourself in a real and meaningful way?

    People will find you.

    They will find you faster if you are giving away a diaper bag. But the people who come for the free stuff? They're not here for you. And you want readers to come for you.

    So share. Be intimate. Connect.

    Write every day.

    And whether your readers number in the tens or the thousands? If you write every day something that you want to share?

    It won't matter.

    Because in the end? The writing thing needs to be about making you happy. No one else.

    Good luck, you.

    I'll be watching.

  2. Good. I'll try to be natural, but I find myself trying to show off when someone's watching me. But, I DO like being watched. *wink*