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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chip Kelly is the perfect boyfriend

Let me start off by saying, I'm kind of a sports nut.  Not the kind that knows all the players names on all the teams in every sport--or really even one sport. But I love watching sports, especially college football.  It doesn't matter what conference, it doesn't really matter what team. I'll watch any game that's on; I love nothing better to spend rainy, Autumn Saturdays in front of the t.v, hooting and hollering at these guys running around on the field. In fact, my b.f. says he's never met a girl so into football in his life.
I might be going a little overboard.
This weekend I was talking about coaching, specifically my favorite team, the University of Oregon Ducks. (YELL-O!!)  For the first time in history, the Ducks are ranked #1 in the nation in several polls and (we'll know later today) have a chance at being ranked #1 in the B.C.S. (Bowl Championship Series) which means we have a chance to play for the National Championship! I couldn't be more delighted and give mad props to our 2nd year head coach, Chip Kelly.
I've been a Ducks fan for years, even through the bad times and it's been a rocky road for our football program. This I also attribute to the coaching staff. As my friends and I watched Oregon stomp all over UCLA this past Thursday evening, I couldn't help but remember what Duck football games used to be like.

The first half would be Great! The Ducks would be solid, the offense moving the ball down the field. Receivers had sticky hands, catching every ball the QB launched.  The offensive line would create a path for the QB or running backs to slip through. and then halftime. . .

The fuckers would fall apart!

Now, I have NO IDEA of what Coach Bellotti said to them in the locker room. But whatever it was, it wasn't working.  We'd lose yards. Interceptions. Fumbles. Quarter-back-SACKS.  Penalties on top of penalties.
The Ducks would let me down. I would be heart-broken.  DEVASTATED.

Back to this Thursday night.  It was half-time and I was on cloud nine. I knew, that unlike past seasons where I was constantly setting myself up for disappointment, that Chip Kelly would not let me down. Every game this year, even when we had a rough start, we played better after half-time than before.
And suddenly I knew.
Head Coach Chip Kelly is the perfect boyfriend.  and Mike Bellotti was that guy that you thought was the perfect guy, but always just ended up cheating on you.


  1. Hee hee!

    I am no longer a big sports fan. And I rarely watch football. But sports as an analogy for life and its relationships?

    And coaches as metaphors for love interests?

    Yes, that I get.

    Love it!

  2. This one just came to me. It was easy, unlike most of my brilliance.